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A set of commonly used methods that get written once and copied many times.

These always get copied from one project to another and tweaked slightly while leaving the older project behind.

Some initial methods include:
  • Emails
    • Provides strongly typed Email model
    • Quickly send Email using a model only
    • Attach multiple local files
    • Test mode for development
    • Settings stored in web.config to allow quick an easy production change of email settings.
  • Webconfig
    • Get a key from the current web.config file, quickly and easily.
  • Passwords
    • Generate passwords. Random letters or randoms characters.
    • Password complexity checker with noob eliminator (disallows same password as username for example)
  • Time
    • A method to return a GMT time. Useful on remote servers like Azure or offshore VPS
  • Tokens
    • TODO: Generate a token with embedded and encrypted messages that can be sent via a query string. Bytes converted to Base64.

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